ANortheast Africa

  • Major contributor to the world's gene pool, acording to monoregional and multi regional theories of human origin ( Wilson; Wells)
  • Earliest evidence of writing at Abydos at U.J., dated 3250BCE (Gunter Dreyer)
  • Among the world's largest ancient stone structures at 750 tons and 13 storeys, in Ethiopia (Connah)
  • Inspiration for Hippocrates and some Greek intellectuals (Herodotus)
  • Among the earliest steel & hot air blast furnace (Schmidt)
  • Widely used calendar is a modification of the Egyptian (amended by Julius Caesar and later Pope Gregory)
  • Allegedly a contributor to some Christian religious concepts such as: The Ankh (Cross); the concept of a rebel serpent, Sata; the Amen concept in Christian liturgy (Budge)
  • Earliest brewery 3500 BCE, Egypt
  • Extensive variety of fermented beverages across the continent

BWest Africa

  • Inspiration for Calypso , Salsa, Jazz and other musical genres
  • One of the world's oldest boats(Nigeria) -about 8000 years old (Breunig)
  • One of the world's longest earthern fortifications, 10,000 miles: Benin Iya (Darling)
  • Among the world's earliest iron producers (Darling)
  • One of the world's oldest pots dated 11,400 years from Mali(Huysecom)
  • A major contributor to the economies of western Europe and the Americas through appropriated natural resources, and centuries of unpaid labor (Inikori)
  • Religious forms such as Santeria ( Cuba) and Candomble (Brazil) which are West African Yoruba derived religious systems: 150 million followers
  • Extensive variety of fermented beverages

CCentral Africa

  • Inspiration for the Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Jazz and various musical forms
  • Direct influence on Modern Artists such as Picasso (Picasso)
  • Source of numerous loan words in American English (Holloway)
  • Source of numerous body gestures in U.S urban culture eg Hi-Five/ Fist bump (Ferris Thompson)
  • Extensive variety of fermented beverages

DSouthern Africa

  • Major contributor to the world's gene pool (Wells)
  • World oldest Jewelry at 100,000 years old(Henshilwood)
  • Earliest geometrical inscriptions & proto writing; Oldest mathematical object, perhaps (Henshilwood/Errico)
  • Earliest evidence of fire
  • Earliest evidence of chemistry (Henshilwood)
  • The world's first language according to some scholars
  • Extensive variety of fermented beverages